The More Than Human Poetry Project

The More Than Human Poetry Project began as a series of writing prompts, followed by an exchange of poems and ideas between a growing number of Tasmanian poets. It’s focus falls not on the natural world as something separate from humanity but on the sense that we are embedded in an ecosphere we depend on and are currently compromising. The Project was initiated by Kristen Lang, following publication of her similarly-themed Earth Dwellers, and has been continuous since May. It has enjoyed tremendous contributions from the following poets (links to the poet’s external site): Adrienne Eberhard, Alex McKeown, Andrea Hay, Anne Collins, Anne Kellas, Ben Walter, Graeme Miles, Helga Jermy, Jan Colville, Jane Williams, Jim Everett – puralia meenamatta, Kathryn Lomer, Kim Nielsen-Creeley, Kim Nolan, Lorraine Haig, Louise Oxley, Nancy Corbett, Pam Schindler, Pete Hay, Rees Campbell, Stephane Cordier and Tim Slade.

Some of these contributors will be participating in the two sessions being presented at the Hobart Writers Festival – find out more via the following links:

Child looking at ocean Image copyright Daniela Brozek