Sympathy in Writing

Damon Young is an award-winning philosopher, and the author of twelve books of fiction and nonfiction, including The Art of Reading. In this session, held at Hadley’s Orient Hotel on Saturday September the 14th, Damon will talk with sociologist, researcher and writer, Ruth Quibell, author of The Promise of Things. They will discuss sympathy and literature, in fiction and nonfiction. To begin, what is sympathy? What does it mean for writing to be “sympathetic”? And ought we be sympathetic to everyone we write about? Even those who are cruel or brutal? Ruth and Damon will also ask if sympathy extends beyond people, to places and things. Does sympathy for these make sense?

This session will take place at the Hobart Writers Festival 2019, on Saturday the 14th of September. It will be held at Hadley’s Orient Hotel. Tickets for this session can be obtained here.

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