Rebellious Facts and Comforting Fictions

‘Truth-telling is a necessary way to find new perspectives on our history’

Henry Reynolds, Truth-Telling, 2021, p.232.

The writers of colonial or historical narratives are now called upon to be truth-tellers in the service of cultural change. How is this feat to be accomplished? Whose truth is to be told and by whom? What are the moral and ethical demands that should accompany our discovery of alluring or disturbing archival facts?

Presented by:
  • Dr. Jeanette M. Thompson (Bone and Beauty: The Ribbon Boys’ Rebellion)
  • Dr. Ian Broinowski (The Pakana Voice, Tales of a War Correspondent)
  • Dr. Katherine Johnson (Paris Savages, The Better Son, Pescador’s Wake, Matryoshka)
  • Professor Henry Reynolds (The Other Side of the Frontier: Aboriginal Resistance to the European Invasion of AustraliaWhy Weren’t We Told? and much, much more).