Raising Humanity

In this not to be missed session you can expect more than your regular ‘in conversation’! Erfan Daliri and Ruth Langford will be talking about Erfan’s book Raising Humanity, published by Vivid Publishing. In this session Erfan and Ruth will be asking: what if we considered the social justice issues of climate change, economic injustice, gender inequality and violence not as isolated problems, but as interconnected symptoms? And how is it all pointing us towards an inevitable unification of humanity? Uplifting, informative and poetic, Raising Humanity offers the intelligent optimism needed to inspire and empower us through the challenges and opportunities of the most significant period of transformation in human history. Connecting ecology, economics, childhood education, history, religion and social justice, Erfan Daliri rewrites the narrative on social change with this powerful message of solidarity and hope.

Erfan is an Australian-Iranian poet, social activist and performance philosopher. A youth educator, social change animator and international spoken word artist, Erfan has a background in community development and a post graduate degree in Communication for Social Change.

Ruth Langford spent more than twenty years traveling the world sitting with Indigenous Elders, Senior Knowledge Keepers and World Wisdom Teachers. Her vision is to connect people to the ancient wisdom of Indigenous teachings in a contemporary and relevant context through the expression of cultural arts, ceremony and ritual.

This session will be held on Saturday the 14th of September, at Hadley’s Orient Hotel. Tickets can be obtained here.

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