Postcards from an Island Dweller – Terry Whitebeach

Encounters with humans and other species

A talk with a some poetry

Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island
I’ve never seen myself as a traveller,
more as a stay-at-home island dweller
though life has taken me on some surprising journeys ­–
from war-torn South Sudan to Antarctica,
from the islands of Bass Strait to ancient
cliff-side dwellings in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

Terry with Emperor Penguins on Amery Ice Shelf
Terry with Emperor Penguins on Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica
From these journeys I send back postcards
of encounters with other species –
otters and wolves in Anchorage, Alaska,
snow petrels on Rumdoodle in Antarctica,
beached nautilus on Flinders Island shores.

Blessed Abode - home
Blessed Abode
My encounters with fellow humans –
African, American, Canadian, Australian –
First Nations people of many lands –
also surprised and enriched me, as did
the hardest journey of all, the trek
through the territory of illness & back.

Let your mind be un-locked-down. Encounters with humans and other species.

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