Parting the Veil by Bethamy Nader – Book launch

This is a free event, with a Mystery MC, to launch Parting the Veil by Bethany Nader. A paranormal Murder-Mystery set in Tasmania. 

Parting the VeilEmma Whitlow is found dead swinging from a noose on the first floor of her home, a manor, in the Midlands in the 1950’s. Police record Emma Whitlows death as suicide. Police reason, Miss Whitlow is young, single, pregnant, and a cripple.

In 2019 a newlywed journalist couple, Janice and Leigh Burke buy and move into the rural manor in Midlands, Tasmania. The husband, Leigh suffers uncanny visions and is attacks in the manor. Leigh feels he is being stalks and the haunting feeling does not go away. It gets worse. Locals indicate to Janice and Leigh Burke an unspeakable event occurred inside the manor or its grounds. Suspicion festers in Leigh Burke’s mind.

Janice and Leigh meet the realtor, Rod Crow who sold them their home, and deduce he is a cowardly scammer.
The newlywed journalists decide to investigate the history of their new home. Janice and Leigh’s research trigger the hiring of a Paranormal Investigator, Alex Berry, and two famous psychic mediums, Edwina and Edward Rees to part the veil, between the land of mortals and the spirit world.

A shocking story unfolds.

Please note Cash Only book sales will be available at the event!