Grace Williams: Arts of social change and transformation

Grace Williams

Grace Williams is the Founder and Director of Citizen Tasmania, a human rights and arts organisation dedicated to providing individuals with the tools to tackle human rights challenges within their communities. A documentary filmmaker, writer and broadcaster, Grace utilises storytelling as an advocacy tool to facilitate positive social transformation. This very special session at the Hobart Writers Festival will focus on the power of the Arts as a vehicle for social change and transformation; on gentle activism through no-dualist thinking in writing.

Winner of Tasmanian Human Rights Youth Award and Department of Foreigner Affairs New Colombo Plan Scholar to Indonesia, Grace has worked in communities both locally and internationally empowering individuals to connect with themselves and heal the world. Her films, speeches and writing inspire hundreds of people to take collective action towards securing a sustainable future that upholds human rights.

Grace catalyses’ social shifts from apathy to activism, facilitating transformational leadership for social change. She is a student of Law, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and a Global Leaders Scholar at the University of Tasmania. Her academic interest is primarily focused on the intersection between human rights law and practice.

DON’T MISS THIS! Grace is also speaking in another session, with Mark Macleod, on Diversity in Publishing.