Diving into the Derwent

Inspired by our much-loved Derwent River, Tasmanian poet, Gina Mercer, with composer/musicians, Rubato Express, present a performance interweaving their original poetry and music. Exploring our intimate relationship with the river in all its beauty, power, and fragility ‒ from Lake St Clair to Storm Bay.

Wordscapes by GINA MERCER.
Soundscapes by RUBATO EXPRESS: Lynne Griffiths (flute/harp) & Alan Badalassi (piano/guitar).

Immerse yourself in this serene and dynamic work composed in response to place.

Here’s what audience members have written about ‘Diving into the Derwent’:

“Bliss for the spirit. The collaboration was brilliant. I loved the way everything harmonised, I loved the variety, I loved it all.”

“The whole audience was transported into another dimension. I immersed myself in the smooth, warm, and spiritually-uplifting environment created. My friend forgot all her troubles and worries.”

This session will take place on Sunday the 15th of September, at Hadley’s Orient Hotel. Tickets can be obtained here.