‘Cold Coast’ by Robyn Mundy – Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Robyn Mundy’s new novel, Cold Coast, Ultimo Press are giving away 10 exclusive advance reading copies!
Mundy Cold Coast coverSvalbard 1932.
A woman taking on a man’s world.
Cold Coast is inspired by the real-life story of Norway’s first female trapper, Wanny Woldstad.
In 1932, Wanny Woldstad, a young widow, travels to Svalbard, daring to enter the Norwegian trappers fiercely guarded male domain. Drawing from extensive historical research, and personal experiences as a polar guide for over 20 years, Robyn Mundy breathes life into this fictional retelling of Norway’s first female trapper.
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And if you love Robyn Mundy, don’t miss this! Robyn will be speaking with Mary-Lou Stevens and Melissa Manning in Writing the Remote, on Sunday 10 October, from 10:00am to 11:00am